Huge rainbows. No people.

We are psyched to be booking trips for our newest fishing operator, The Best of Kamchatka! Located in Russia’s eastern Kamchatka peninsula, Heli is now booking trips to the Ozernaya River Lodge. This remote camp sits on the Ozernaya River, which has been called by many including Fly Fisherman magazine the best trout river in the world. The amount of fish life in this river is mind-boggling, from the resident aggressive rainbow trout that average over 20 inches to the migratory Arctic char, salmon, and elusive Kundzha. They say Kamchatka is what Alaska would have been like 100 years ago. It is complete wilderness, with virtually no human interference and abundant wildlife. The Best of Kamchatka did a creel census in 2014 which showed 88 anglers landed 7,953 rainbows averaging 22 inches over a 9 week period. That’s an average of 90 trout per angler, and most of those fishing smashing the 20 inch trophy mark. That’s insane.

The Ozernaya River Lodge is so good that there are only 8 spots left for the entire upcoming summer season. Book now before they’re gone!