There are three types of winter travelers in this world:

  1. Those who book ski and ride trips
  2. Those who book kite trips
  3. Those who book both

OK. Maybe there are more than three types. But if you fall into category 2 or 3, it’s time to start thinking about a kitesurf trip to Mexico. Particularly for those who live in the U.S. and Canada, there are few better places for a winter escape. Take advantage of quick, affordable flights and a wide array of destinations—and you’ll be on a beach in no time, gearing up for kitesurfing dreams are made of.

Generally speaking, the best time to go kitesurfing in Mexico is wintertime—November through April. This is when you’ll experience the best winds, while still enjoying warm temps, usually in the 70-degree range. No wetsuits. No worries.

We’ve put together a list of accommodations and operators in Mexico for the best kitesurfing experience possible. Take a look and find which one(s) suit you and your crew. Or check them all out here. But before you jump in, we have just two reminders as to why you should go to Mexico ASAP:


And tequila.

Casa Cardon – Kite Suite

Some travelers prefer a fully-guided trip approach. Others simply want a suite to crash at, with water close by. For those who fall in the latter category, you can consider Casa Cardon a stellar destination. This modern, oceanfront house is only $250/night for one room on the main floor. Or for two bedrooms, you can book it all out for $675/night.

Casa Cardon is located in the legendary La Ventana region, home to some of the world’s best kitesurfing. Right outside of your door, you’ll find unbelievable conditions and a community that shares your passion for kitesurfing. And on top of the action, you can explore the area as you please, as the Casa is walking distance from the bars, restaurants, shops and markets and away from the busier kiting areas.

Wind Nomads – Kite Lessons

Those seeking a more lesson-focused adventure should consider Wind Nomads a top option. These friendly folks in Isla Blanca call their location, “A natural paradise and our favorite spot for training. We consider it to be the place where students progress the fastest.” True. The owners have been kitesurfing since the sport’s inception, and have made it dedicated their lives to teaching people how to explore their own kitesurfing paths. Find your groove across dreamy turquoise waters and shallow, flat lagoons. By the time you leave, you’ll be booking your next trip back.

Located just over an hour from Cancun Airport, this is some of the best and most accessible kitesurfing there is. Lodging is not included with Wind Nomad’s lessons, but we’re more than happy to coordinate details for you. Just email us at

Casa Tara – Kite Retreat

Looking for that relaxing Mexican retreat experience, combined with the best kitesurfing? Check out Casa Tara Resort. This place has all the bells and whistles of a dream vacation: ocean views, perfect pool, meditation, yoga, top-notch food and drink, you name it. Choose from a range of accommodation options: smaller affordable rooms, grander 4-person suites, and more. It’s all good at Casa Tara.

Outside of the down-time at Casa Tara, you can enjoy unreal kitesurfing within a stone’s throw. The resort is located in the Baja region, home to sunny skies and smooth waters perfect for beginners and experts alike. Do your own thing, or take advantage of a variety of class options to up your skills. Your trip. Your call.