Kiteboarding is the ultimate freedom. There is no greater feeling than using the power of the wind and your body to glide across the water simply for the pure joy of it. If you’re looking to start kiteboarding, you’re in for a great experience.

At first glance, kiteboarding can look a little intimidating. All the lines, kites, boards and lingo can get mystifying and frightening. But, kiteboarding has a relatively short learning curve and if you’re looking to get into it you won’t regret it.

Kiteboarding looks hard but is surprisingly easy to pick up after a few days of lessons. The absolute best way to start is by booking a few days of instruction. You can find kiteboard introduction classes here through approved Heli operators. You’ll find that there are lots of operations in the US and beyond, and probably some near you if you are anywhere near these cities or a body of water with some wind. These days, if there is wind and water there are kiteboarders!

Most operators that cater to beginners have special “trainer” kites that are easier to handle because they have shorter lines and smaller kites. Using a trainer kite will help you get your bearings and start to feel comfortable managing the kite.

Before you strap on your board and start ripping, instructors will teach you on dry land how to fly the kite. Admittedly, it’s not like flying a normal kite in the park. Modern kiteboard kites are designed to capture enough wind to propel your body across the water and can take some getting used to. Knowing how to fly the kite comfortably before getting out in the water will help your confidence and ability to recover from a spill.

After a day or two, instructors will help you learn how to water start. This is how you launch yourself to begin riding and start again if you lose control in the water. In a similar movement to getting up on a wakeboard, you’ll learn how to position the kite and move it so that it lifts you and a correctly positioned board out of the water. A little sailing experience might help you here as you manage the wind and the position of your body as a rudder.

Once you catch a good ride and learn how to start kiteboarding, we know you’ll be hooked! Then you can come back and book a kite trip with Heli! If you feel like you’re already there or want to commit to a full week of kite instruction, join us in Dakhla, Morocco this October!