Nick Jacobsen is one of the world’s best and most famous kiteboarders. His most recent film “The Jump” documents his quest to jump from the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, a massive 689 foot building right on the water. His adventures on the water have been well documented and have captured the imagination of millions, including billionaire and kiteboard enthusiast Richard Branson.

Nick made a big announcement today for the kiteboarding industry. He is moving to North Kiteboarding to head up the new pro team there from scratch. Here is his announcement from Instagram:

“Aaaalrighty-then, quite honored to announce my next chapter in life. Together with a solid team, I got the opportunity to start North Kiteboarding from scratch. As team manager I’ll do my best to unite the roughest and toughest to join us in this wild adventure that just started. Much more coming soon…”

Congrats Nick! We’re excited to see where this new partnership will take the industry!