The ski community has a chance to step up in a big way to help out in the COVID-19 crisis. As we all know, there is a shortage of basic medical supplies like masks, protective eyewear, and ventilators for doctors and nurses in the US. Goggles for Docs saw this problem, and thought of a creative way for skiers and snowboarders to help.

Goggles for Docs is a new initiative built by the ski community to provide protective eyewear to medical workers who are treating COVID-19 patients. We at Heli have pooled all our old goggles and shipped them off to locations in need. Check out for all the details on how you can get involved, and tag @heli in your Instagram story when you ship your goggles out! We’ll be resharing every post, with a goal of getting 50 pairs of goggles sent out to help fight this COVID-19 crisis.