Meet our very own Kim Brennan! Reach out to us on our main page and it’s probably Kim who will answer. Here’s her story.

I never thought ‘jumping in’ on an empty heli seat would become a semi regular event for me. In the summer of 2010, I was working at a bike shop in Whistler wondering what my winter was going to hold. An old friend, Kerri Gamble, who had just taken over as Reservation Manager at Whistler Heli Skiing offered me a job where my team very quickly became my family. In between being a total badass and completing her CSGI Level 1 working as a tail guide and running the Reservation Team in the WHS office – Kerri taught me so much about the world of heli skiing. Everything from grouping logistics to staff training – and most importantly to never miss the call from our GM at 9:00pm.

All of those awesome things, lead me now to an exciting career move with Heli, and for this I’m super grateful! Who would’ve guessed finishing my work days at the Bearfoot Bistro snacking on oysters and beer with people who had just experienced their ‘best day ever’ would be my new normal!?

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