Each week, we’ve been posting someone from inside the Heli community in our series “Faces of Heli”. This week, we have none other than our own CEO Andy Culp. Here is Andy’s story about the days that catapulted him into the ski industry.

“For me, the most critical point of growth as a skier happened between 2007 and 2009 when I lived in Vail after college. During this time, I worked Base Mountain Sports ski shop in Beaver Creek alongside some of my best friends. I owe eternal gratitude to the owner and manager Garret Fletcher who not only took me under his wing in the backcountry, but also taught me how to sell. We popped our heliskiing cherries together with Points North Heli in 2011. Chances are Heli wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for those years in Vail and Garrett.”

Get in touch with Andy via email at andy@heli.life or head over to our main site and hit us up in the chat feature!