It has been a long year that has led to more time spent indoors than we would like to admit. In this issue, we take you deep into the vault to feature a few of our most cherished experiences in the great outdoors. From the Wise River in Mountain to the Northern Lights in Iceland, these are bucket-list trips for any travel enthusiasts. Just remember, when you get there, don’t forget to thank Mother Nature for sticking around for you. 2021 awaits us all.

Nature Wins

Khomas Region, Namibia

Located in the Kalahari Desert, comes a truly breathtaking experience from one of our newest operators Habitas. Their recently opened output, Habitas Namibia, is launching with a flagship experience called Nature Wins. Embark on a seven-day adventure into the wild located on a private nature reserve. At Habitas, wellness and adventure are the primary focus where mornings are spent encountering an abundance of diverse wildlife and evenings at are spent observing nocturnal wildlife, gathering around their firepit, stargazing, and dancing to local drum beats. Africa awaits.

Arctic Heli Skiing Classic Program

Dalvik, Iceland

Welcome to a land of magical snow-capped mountains rising majestically out of the rugged seas of the Arctic Ocean. A land basked in the otherworldly light of the Midnight Sun and the ethereal glow of the Northern Lights. A land unique in its raw spellbinding nature and rich cultural heritage. A land of first descents and skiing from summit to the seashore. A land where your wildest heli-skiing dreams become reality. Welcome to Iceland.

Big Hole Fishing Experience

Wise River, Montana

Let your mind’s eye envision a Western river, flanked by jagged, snowcapped peaks, towering pines, and whispers of wind through endless fields and rolling hills. You are thinking of a river originally named the Wisdom by Meriwether Lewis, renamed the Big Hole by fur trappers who referred to valleys as ‘holes.’ Established in 1984, the Big Hole Lodge continues to offer world-renowned wild trout fishing, remarkable cuisine, and comfortable accommodations in a secluded mountain setting. The Big Hole Lodge is truly one of the classic fly fishing lodge experiences in the American West.

Black Ops Five Day Program

Valdez, Alaska

We can’t stress it enough, if you in the United States and a passionate skier, this is the year for you to visit Alaska. For a first-class experience, it’s time to ski at Black Ops Valdez, the family-run operator where heli-skiing runs through their veins. Located in the middle of the eastern Chugach Mountains surrounding Valdez Alaska and Thompson Pass, Black Ops has over 2,500 square miles of mountains and glaciated terrain. Come visit this winter playground.