September 21 marked the first day of fall.

In other words, summer is over.

To many, this is exciting news. With the onset of fall, there comes an opportunity to dust off the wintertime gear and book skiing and riding trips. If this sounds like you, stop reading this blog post and just go here.

But for many others, the end of summer is, well, alarming. And if you fall into this category, we’re here to help. Because we have ideas. Wonderfully adventurous ideas. And we’ve broken them down into three doable categories, below.

Look forward to Spring Break

Dragonfly Kite Safaris in Egpyt. Click here to explore trips.

We believe wholeheartedly that having something to look forward to in life just makes life better. As winter sets in and your warm-weather dreams persist, we highly suggest booking a spring break trip to ensure you have something amazing to look forward to.

Plan a winter escape

Wind Nomads in Mexico. Click here to explore trips.

If the cold weather is just completely out of your wheelhouse, we understand. And we encourage you to harness that disdain into a liberating, warm-weather trip. In fact, if your job allows for it, why not spend a week or two—or more—working remotely far away from winter?

Just go now.

The Thrill of Moab in Utah. Click here to explore trips.

If you can’t believe that fall is actually here, and that October is here in about a week, you may be feeling the need to just escape your daily routine right now. And that checks out. Before winter makes its grand entrance, why not jet-set to a destination that’s still in full summer mode?

No matter you situation, we’re ready to rock with so many incredible trips around the globe, for every adventurer. Ski, bike, surf, kite, fish, safari, you name it. Jump into your favorite activity below to find your next big experience. And get in touch with any question, any time.

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