Heading off the beaten path? We’ve put together a few useful tips to help prepare you for the unexpected. Naturally, destinations that are far-flung are more suited for the adventurous type and as with any adventure you need to have the right mindset before you set off.

Travelling to isolated locations is not always a walk in the park, often involving numerous taxi rides, ferries and locally crafted canoes just to get to your accommodation. Those who have made similar journies will attest that the challenge was well worth it. One of the most important tips we can give you is to have a positive mind set, to view the journey as an adventure, a cultural experience. Be open to circumstances when things don’t go exactly as planned. How you handle a situation will determine the outcome, and by keeping an open mind you will ensure that your stoke levels remain high as opposed to a bad mindset which could lead to the failure of a holiday before the holiday has even begun.

Preparation is key. Due to their isolation, most accommodations in remote places have a limited and pre-planned supply of ingredients for serving up your daily meals. Communicate to your travel planner or the resort well in advance about your dietary requirements and food allergies. This will give them time and opportunity to prepare in advance for your arrival. Preparing in advance will ensure you get the right food for your body to fuel your long surf sessions.

Never underestimate the smallest of cuts! Any reef cut no matter the size, if not continuously treated can lead to infection. Infections in tropical climates can set in at the drop of a hat and bring a speedy end to your barrel-fest. Always take your own basic first aid kit and medicines. Most resorts have a basic kit themselves however none or very limited access to pharmacies, clinics and hospitals. Go prepared to get the most out of your holiday.

It’s guaranteed that you will encounter language barriers throughout your journey. Pick up a phrase book, learn a few sentences and speak to the locals. Not only will it show them respect but dramatically enrich your cultural experience! You will get more joy out of your holiday if you can speak some of the local tongue, make them laugh with your efforts or get out of trouble with a little help from your phrase book.

Always carry some local currency with you. This is a no-brainer. 

Be inquisitive. Most resorts will feel like home with all the first world amenities you can imagine. Step out of your comfort zone, out of the resort and explore surrounding villages and islands. Taste the local dishes, eat exotic fruits, pick up on other activities and make the most out of your holiday, learn to fish or to cook like the locals. It’s experiences like these that will make your trip memorable, you will return home knowledgeable and satisfied. 

Take a funky quiver. Be prepared for what nature might dish up, as surfers we are at the mercy of the elements. Keep your options open with a short board, twin fin and step up.

Give back. It’s very likely that you will befriend a local grom with a never ending smile. A good hearted gesture goes a long way, take something that you will use on your surf trip but that you can also give to a local upon your departure. A hat, a shirt or even a surfboard. Make somebody’s day.

Lastly, don’t forget your positive attitude and smile!