Firefighter Alden Blair had the ride of his life at Lompoc near Los Angeles surfing with dolphins. Luckily, there was a drone in the air to catch this amazing moment and share it with the world. From Newsflare:

“Incredible drone footage from California shows dolphins riding the waves alongside a surfer in an event the cameraman termed “the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen” in his four years filming.

“I went to Lompoc yesterday [Wednesday] to film the SpaceX launch and when it was cancelled I drove back, and stopped at some beaches since the waves were so high,” said 51-year-old Craig Badger. He then launched his drone off the Ventura coast.

As the UAV courses through the sky, it focuses in on the silhouette of a surfer, Thousand Oaks firefighter Alden Blair. Almost immediately a pod of at least three dolphins starts riding the crest of the same wave. Blair, who is facing the dolphins, appears to raise his arms in amazement (and perhaps for balance, too).

Badger said that he was a bit nervous about sending his drone out as he saw two policemen nearby. “They were fine with it and went riding off down the beach,” he said. “When the moment happened they came roaring back to me on their bikes, and screeched to a halt making sure i caught this amazing moment.”