Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua has a plethora of beaches and surfing spots that produce world class waves from beach breaks, reef breaks and point breaks. The country experiences some of the most consistent offshore winds year round, which lends to its reputation of being considered the jewel of Central American surfing. Due to its rugged terrain, it offers the adventurous traveller a trip of a lifetime, yet you will also find luxury in a few nooks and crannies along the coast. The consistency of the wind and waves as well as plenty of sand bottomed breaks make Nicaragua a dreamy destination for beginner surfers.

Here are our top 4 recommended beaches for anyone wanting to learn to surf in Nicaragua.

Playa Santana, Popoyo is a beautiful long beach surrounded by green hills and rocky outcrops. The surf is a wedge style beach break that allows for you to paddle up or down the beach and find yourself in a comfortable position to get onto your feet. The best time to go is between March and June when the water is warm.

Remanso Beach, San Juan del Sur is a great place to find waves with not too many people around. A secluded beach with glassy waves and almost guaranteed daily surf. It is scenically beautiful and most ideal for the very novice surfer – for someone who has not yet picked up a surfboard or even paddled into a wave. It’s a small bay with incredible views and crystal clear waters, the perfect setup for those unfamiliar with the ocean. It offers a fun and manageable wave. We recommend going between March and June.

Playa Amarilla in Amarilla is found just north of Gigante Bay and is a very quiet beach with gorgeous golden sand and a lush green backdrop. The beach has plenty of beginner friendly waves and is a fantastic place to work on your paddle power purely due to the sheer amount of waves that roll in. The best time of year for a novice surfer to visit is between April and July. 

Salinas Grande, Miramar is a magical place. Ideal for beginner surfers that want to push their own limits. Once you start feeling stronger and more confident in the water this is the place to go. The soft volcanic sand beach stretches for kilometres and the surf is often uncrowded due to there being so many wave options in the area. The atmosphere is peaceful but the temperatures here are scorching hot. The best time to go is between September and February. 

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All photos by Gerald Acevedo