If you haven’t heard of First Descents, they are a name worth knowing in the outdoor world. They’ve helped countless individuals dealing with cancer and MS heal through the power of challenging their limitations and exploring the outdoors. It’s a sensation that we, as adventure travelers and thrill-seekers, know so well. 

As part of the Heli community, you’re already keenly aware of the power of adventure experiences and the amazing things they can do for your body and mental well-being. Let’s face it: For many of us, our purpose in life is defined by experiences in the wild. 

Give The Gift of Adventure with First Descents

Headquartered in Denver, First Descents improves long-term survivorship and quality of life for young adults impacted by serious health conditions through outdoor adventures, community building, and lifestyle development. Beginning in 2020, First Descents launched fully adaptive, free-of-charge programs for healthcare heroes in the cancer and MS realms. FD has now served more than 10,000 participants over the last 20 years. 

This year, we’re asking our community to help spread that connection, that joy, and that experience to others. Every dollar you donate will help First Descents provide free life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults (ages 18-39) dealing with a cancer or MS diagnosis.

“Prior to this experience, I felt lost, alone, overwhelmed, and scared. In a week, I’ve gained confidence, empowerment, and a community of people who TRULY understand. That is priceless.”

First Descents Participant
A bird's eye view of rafts floating on a river.

Why is Heli partnering with First Descents?

We see First Descents as the perfect nonprofit partner to align with, to give our members the opportunity to do more than just experience these spectacular experiences for themselves. 

Our mission has always been to “Unite Through Adventure.” Our purpose is to create the opportunity for adventurers to discover and book their next life-altering experience and access some of the wildest places on the planet through sport. It only makes sense that we would choose to work with a nonprofit with a similar mission. 

How Can I Support?

We’re asking today that you take some time to learn more about First Descents as an organization, what they offer, and how they impact the lives of the people who go on their adventure programs. If you know someone coping with cancer or MS, please let them know about First Descents’ free experiences. If you have the ability to donate, that’s terrific. 

Donations can be monetary, but they can also be your time. Our team will be looking to contribute both in the coming years as we continue to partner with First Descents and their team. We hope that our community follows along with us on this journey. 

“I haven’t felt this invigorated since before my cancer diagnosis! I rekindled my love for the outdoors and confidence in myself.”

First Descents Participant

As we look to the winter season, and the moments that will be shared in remote lodges, on secluded kite beaches, or on distant rivers, we hope you take a moment to think about how much a similar experience would mean for someone whose life will change in a dramatically positive and healing way because of it. 

“It was truly therapeutic to hear other people my age tell a different version of a story that has so many common threads to my own”

First Descents Participant

If you could bottle up that feeling and give it to someone else, we know you would – which is truly the meaning of “Unite Through Adventure.”