The waters surrounding the Maldives are a remote paradise known as nature’s sunken garden. Tourists from all corners of the globe flock to this paradise. An abundance of sea creatures, colorful corals, and underwater life awaits you on these tropical islands. Thousands of dive sites, the whitest beaches in the world, and more than 1,200 islands are available. It will take you some time to experience what you can see across the Maldives, no matter where you land. Since the Maldives opened up to tourism in the past decade, many of its blue waters have been more accessible than ever. If you want to dive in a ring-shaped atoll, you will find a surprise every time.

The Maldives is a great place for divers of all levels. It’s an excellent place for diving. For those taking the plunge for their first or second time, there are a lot of shallow dives. Also, there are plenty of drift dives and technical sites, making it ideal for advanced divers.

You can explore your options on liveaboards across different skill levels. You should always be upfront with the divemaster so they can arrange excursions for you! The Maldives generally have good visibility. It ranges from 15 to 40 meters depending on the location. The currents are modest at some points, but they can be fairly strong. Dive sites have a wide range of depth, with some being just 5 meters and others extending to 40 meters.