The Rio Juramento in Argentina has a special secret – it holds massive wild golden dorado that you can fish like trout. These fish hold in riffles and pools, waiting for anglers to drift past and throw in a big streamer.

We offer an 8 day trip to fish this river and others around it.

“The Juramento River is close to the base camp in El Tunal and is fished on 4 different drift boat sections allowing new water to fish each day. Fish in excess of 30 pounds can be landed in this river as you drift between drop off and pick up points, casting to likely structure and hoping for a hungry Dorado to be close by.

Located near the village of Las Lajitas, in the middle of the Yunga Saltena, lies the famed Rio Dorado. With the Rio Dorado´s crystal clear water flowing from the sub-tropical mountains, that are adjacent to the El Rey National Park, it provides excellent wet wading and sight fishing. Light equipment in the six to seven weight range with floating lines are ideal.

The dorado in this beautiful river average 3 kg with the capture of fish up to 12kg a possibility. Rio Dorado gives us a unique opportunity to sight fish dorado much the same way as you would a trout. Accommodation is in our exclusive lodge, San Fernando, which is loaded with all the amenities needed.

After fishing this pristine river we move to our bigger river the Rio Juramento and our base at El Tunal. This river holds huge golden dorado with the record weighing over 20kg. The Juramento River is fished drifting from inflatable rafts and has multiple different sections allowing new water to be fished each day. There is over 100km of water to drift and fish, casting to likely structure, searching for a hungry dorado to crash your fly.”

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