We’ve put together an awesome and supremely affordable kitesurfing trip to Dakhla PK25 in Morocco!

October 13-21 of 2018, Heli team members Brandon Darnton and Andy Culp are going to Dakhla with a group of clients to crush the kite scene along with some pro kiteboarders. This is a world-class kite destination and a suitable tour for complete beginners to professionals. Also, the price is hard to beat. Check out the specs:

Operator Name: Dakhla PK25
Dates: October 13-21, 2018
Length: 7 Days
Price: EUR1,021+ (~USD1,200 for double occupancy; USD2,000 for private; USD650 for instruction if needed; USD350 for gear if renting)
Availability: 12+

The great thing about Dakhla is the variety of options. You’ll be able to kite flat water and waves depending on your mood. Daily kite adventures will be arranged during the week including a downwind trip to the famous White Dune, a trip to the speed spot which is one of the best flat water riding areas in the world and 1 hour of wakeboard training at the cable park.