Turks and Caicos is widely known in the kiteboarding community as one of the best destinations in the tropical Atlantic and Caribbean. With crystal clear blue waters, bathtub warm water, and surprisingly uncrowded beaches, it’s not surprising that this destination has become a favorite of so many. The shallow waters make it perfect for beginners, while access to mangrove channels and epic downwinders make it a playground for experienced riders. 

Best time to kitesurf in Turks:

The wind is strongest during the winter months, but the wind is very consistent year round, so there really isn’t a bad time to go. The most predictable and consistent is the E-SE tradewinds. The windy season typically begins in November and continues through mid/late August. The average air temperature during the windy season is around 80-85 F, with water temperature in the mid to high 70s F. Even in the colder months, you can get away with just a bathing suit and top. It truly is paradise.

Popular Kite Spots in Turks:

Long Bay, Provo:

The main island Providenciales, also known as Provo, is surrounded by shallow flat water. Much of the country’s kiting culture is based on Provo. There are multiple kite schools and villas which are set up perfectly with access to an easy beach launch. Long Bay is the ideal spot for your stay. Most areas of this bay are only waist-deep, making it perfect for beginners.

Long Bay also offers a wide range of beachfront villas and stays. This is ideal, as you won’t need to travel to the kite spot, but can launch directly off the beach just a short walk from your place. 

The Shipwreck, Long Bay:

Just 2 miles off the coast of Long Bay sits an old rusted out cargo ship. It beached in the shallows in 2004, when it was pushed there during Hurricane Frances. The ship is known as La Famille Express, and it’s become a landmark for visitors. You can see it clearly from the beach, making it the ideal “target” to aim for in an epic upwind trek.

A foil will make things easier, but you can definitely make the journey on a twin tip or direction board. Once you arrive, you can session around the shipwreck. The water below is relatively shallow, but not the chest deep water closer to shore. There is enough depth that you can climb up the ship and jump off (we can’t legally advise that you do that, given the risk, but we certainly did). 

Having a boat to take extra gear and be support is incredibly helpful and reassuring when making this trek, but experienced kiteboarders could make it to the wreck without much to-do. 

Half Moon Bay (Boat Access Required):

Half Moon Bay is a pristine beach, in the uninhabited area between Little Water Cay and Water Cay. This long stretch of sandbar has a perfect flat water bay on one side. This area is great for pulling up a boat for an afternoon session.

This is a popular spot for boat cruises, so expect to share the beach with tourists who are there for a picnic or day trip. Even if you have the bay to yourself, the area is covered with iguanas, so you’ll always have company.

On the northern side of the sandbar, there is a beautiful stretch of pure sand beach where some ships will anchor. In lighter wind, you can transfer over to this side of the sandbar for a foil session. The sandy bottom makes it perfect for learning to foil, with an onshore or cross shore wind.

Mangrove Downwinder (Boat Required):

If you’re a more experienced rider, looking for an epic day, we recommend planning a downwinder with Wake to Wake Kiteboarding. With access to a boat, there are numerous mangrove channels you can explore on the island.

The team can custom tailor a downwinder for your whole squad. They can adjust to wind conditions and the groups ability level. With a support boat, you can have multiple stop points along the way.

Let Us Build Your Custom Kite Trip to Turks and Caicos.

We’ve been there. We know all the secret spots, the dos and don’ts. We’ve got partnerships with the right kite schools and operators, and know the best spots to stay. Let us help you create your ideal Turks kite trip. See the out of the box trips below, our contact our team@heli.life to start planning.