Meet the latest addition to the Heli team, Lida Tozzi! Lida has joined the marketing team to dial in our communications and branding across all Heli platforms. Check out her story from a trip to Interlaken.

“On the bus up the mountain, we were told to draw sticks to be paired with a paragliding guide. I was paired with a woman about my size which I didn’t think much of until we were up at the top. It was a windy day in Interlaken, Switzerland, with winds strong enough to make paragliding unsafe. After over an hour of waiting for winds to die down, the O.K. came out of nowhere and before I knew it, I was lined up to sprint off the edge of the cliff. My instructor kept repeating to me, “you must run, you must run very fast, we are both light so we need to run fast to get as far away from the cliff as possible.” I was already nervous, but this certainly amplified it. Up in the air, it was so cool. The harness made it feel like you were sitting on a normal chair, yet floating high up above the mountains. With the help of another guide, we were safely pulled to the ground. It was an experience I’ll treasure forever and one that has brought me closer (comfort-zone-wise) to skydiving one day.”