You may or may not have noticed our usage of the Wolf (🐺) on our social media. The Wolf has become an emblem, a team mascot, if you will, for Heli. In many ways, our company’s core values can be likened to the characteristics inherent to this untamed, community-oriented creature.

“The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”

A lone wolf is relatively small in its habitat, needing to fend off larger and stronger animals to survive. However, when working as a pack, this species can take down more formidable predators. Highly coordinated and supportive, wolfpacks are a force in the wild not to be reckoned with.


When it comes to Heli’s company and community culture, we understand that teamwork and collaboration are what enable us to thrive. Together, we are stronger, wiser, and more powerful. 

While, like the wolf, some other animals do have the same tendency of being stronger in groups, the wolf represents untamed wildness and strength. They live in the harshest conditions on the planet, going where few others dare to tread. In a similar way, the community of individuals that Heli attracts is those who wish to tap into the wild spirit that lives inside all of us. With Heli, one can go on the world’s most extreme expeditions and experience the most life-changing opportunities. Whether it be heli-skiing at the top of the world, going on a safari where apex predators lurk, or climbing and trekking in the most intense places, Heli brings our wild spirits together and unites us through adventure. 

Explore trips with Heli today. Join our community and unite through adventure.