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Scott Balogh’s Bocas Del Toro | Panama

This area hosts a number of reefs, points, and beachbreaks, all compactly located in the westernmost part of Panama’s Caribbean coast. When they’re firing on all cylinders – both lefts and rights – Bocas has been compared to Indonesia. There’s a great variety of waves and it’s a perfect training ground for those looking to improve their skills—and just as good for experts who want to try their hand at the heaviest waves in the Caribbean.

In peak season, the beach breaks here are great for the tube-obsessed looking for barrels. Bocas also boasts an impressive collection of reefs and points that are sure to evoke some serious froth in the rest of your crew as well.

When to go

Peak season is October to mid-April, which is when consistent swell creates frequent overhead days. Things pick up again from mid-June to mid-August, known as the mini-season when there are far fewer people in the water.

Pablo Narvaez’s Oaxaca | Mexico

From Barra de la Cruz to Salina Cruz, Oaxaca is the land of picture perfect right-hand point breaks. And while a bunch of right-handers may not sound like a whole lot of “variety,” you’d be surprised. There’s even a secret beach break or two with fun and consistent lefts… but, we’ll let Pablo show you those.

Surfers hunting for uncrowded point breaks, especially those craving nature, stunning scenery and unique local traditions.

When to go

March through October is peak season with the most consistent head high swell, while the rest of the year is more mellow.

Maykol Espinoza’s Osa Peninsula | Costa Rica

For surf destinations like Costa Rica that are rife with surf tourism, it’s not uncommon to wonder if there are any spots left “off the map”. Thanks to its location within both a National Park and Forest Reserve, the Osa Peninsula is arguably just that: one of the most remote, biodiverse, and undeveloped places on earth. Did we mention it’s also home to one of the world’s longest lefts? Needless to say, this region is unlike any other.

The beauty of surfing in Osa is that there’s an ideal wave for everyone. Ease into the surf with sand-bottomed points, challenge yourself on reefy peaks, or simply go nuts on one of the longest left-handers in the world.

When to go

Optimal surf season spans from March through October due to the regular swells, warm water, and calm winds. However, with waves to be found year-round somewhere along the coast, there’s really no bad time to visit.

    Matteo Blevins’ Colorados | Nicaragua

    Offshore winds, the typically rare and fleeting phenomena that surfers love, is an all day occurrence here over 330 days a year. You read that right, the surf is groomed to perfection nearly every damn day and the swells don’t really let up either—there are waves year round. While it’s been on the map for years, Nica’s much less traveled than other countries in Central America. Long story short, a trip here will reward you with beautiful waves.

    In peak season, this trip is great for tube-obsessed surfers looking for barrels, the beach breaks here are insane. Southern Nicaragua also boasts an impressive collection of reefs and points that are sure to make your trip unforgettable.

    When to go

    There are fun waves year-round in Southern Nicaragua. Barrel hunters will want to avoid January and February when the surf is typically smallest and limited.

      Matt Lindsay’s Cabo | Mexico

      The tip of the Baja Peninsula sticks its chin out into the Pacific, ready for any swell that comes its way. Home to too many good waves to name (and some too good to advertise) this stunning desert coastline has something for everyone. A full spectrum of wave options, from shallow reefs to playful beach breaks, along with warm water year-round and minimal crowds make it a gem hidden amid one of the Western Hemisphere’s top vacation spots.

      The variety of waves makes Cabo a sweet spot for surfers of all kinds. Playful beaches and peeling points are perfect for those looking to improve, while reefs and racey peaks keep more advanced frothers satiated.

      When to go

      Thanks to its unique positioning, Cabo boasts consistent swells in both Summer and Winter, so there are waves every day if you know where to find them. Warm water year-round and minimal crowds are just the cherry on top.

      Maryam Gardoum’s Taghazout | Morocco

      With over 2,000 km of coastline, Morocco is home to a pleasant climate along with year-round swell windows and a wide variety of waves. Best known for its alluring right-hand points, it also boasts beachies, reefs, and lefts, satisfying surfers of all stances. Summer lures novices and longboarders while winter swells satisfy those in search of unforgettable visions, with offshore winds polishing great waves into world-class destination spots.

      With a diverse sampling of quality peaks and a unique blend of local traditions with modern surf and skate cultures, this sleepy Moroccan fishing village is a true crossroads for both the wave-obsessed and the culturally curious.

      When to go

      Winter offers the biggest swells of the year but consistent offshore energy makes landfall from October to March. Smaller summertime swells, though slightly less frequent, are ideal for beginners and logging enthusiasts.

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