If you’re looking for a unique and exciting vacation, a luxury surfing trip might be just what you need. Whatever your surfing ability, there are plenty of destinations around the world that offer perfectly groomed surf, stunning scenery, and luxurious accommodation.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best places to go for a luxury surfing vacation, as well as what you can expect from this type of trip.

What do we mean by luxury surf trip?

You’ll typically stay in a high-end resort or villa, complete with all the amenities you could want, from gourmet meals, on-call masseuse, and often equipment rental and boat rides out to the surf. 

Of course, as the surfing itself is the main attraction, you’ll have access to some of the world’s best waves, whether you’re looking for a more challenging reef break or a gentle beachie. 

Many luxury surf trips also offer personalized coaching, post-surf analysis, and instruction, so you can finally figure out what you’re doing wrong – Having someone film your surf sessions is the number one way to improve quickly and get the virtuous circle of improvement spinning fast.

Destination Types for a Luxury Surf Experience

When it comes to luxurious surfing vacations, there are several destinations around the globe that offer the perfect blend of amazing waves, awesome amenities, and good vibes. 

Indonesia is home to some of the best surf spots on the planet, and thankfully, luxury resorts are part of the offering too. 

Exclusive Surf Resorts

For those seeking the ultimate luxury surfing experience, exclusive land-based surf resorts are the way to go. These resorts offer everything you could wish for – World-class waves (sometimes exclusive to guests) amazing food, and a whole host of additional activities.

Some of the most popular surf resorts include:

  • Kandui Resort, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
  • Wavepark Surf Resort, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
  • Shaka Beach Retreat, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Private Surf Islands

For a truly exclusive and secluded surfing experience, a completely private surf island is an awesome choice. 

These islands offer the ultimate in privacy and luxury, with pristine beaches, crystal-clear water, and some of the best waves in the world. 

The island of Tavarua in Fiji is the quintessential private surf island, with not only one but two World-class waves just a short boat ride away – Restaurants, and Cloudbreak. 

Add to that, the best hospitality on the planet courtesy of the local Fijian crew, Tavarua is a must for your bucket list!

Top Surf Spots for Luxury Travelers

If the surf is the primary factor, the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia are hard to beat. Comprising over 70 different islands and islets, this part of the world truly is heaven on Earth if you’re a surfer.

Warm, crystal clear water, and waves to cater to everyone, you can find hollow tubes, leg-burning point breaks, and even playful beach breaks to suit all surfing abilities. 

Couple that with amazing land-based activities, The Ments is right up there as a top luxury surf trip. 

Accommodations and Amenities

Depending on the trip you choose, there are a variety of different accommodations to choose from – these range from ‘floating’ overwater villas popular in the Maldives, to luxury charter yachts and island huts on land.

Boat Trips

If you already have a group of people ready to go, a boat trip is an awesome way to have an unforgettable experience – you literally sleep next to the surf, and have additional activities like snorkeling, diving, and fishing on tap all day long. 

Most charter yachts have a live aboard chef, who will prepare fresh meals three times a day for you too. And the fact that you’re staying on a boat, you have the ability to be mobile and hunt for the best surfing conditions your group is looking for. 

As far as a luxury surf trip goes, a boat trip is right up there. 

Private Villas and Resorts

For those who prefer a more private and exclusive experience, the offer of a private villa or suite is a great option. 

Most suites will include every creature comfort you could ask for – including air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and satellite TV. You can enjoy the ultimate luxury and privacy, with your own private pool and outdoor areas too.

And many resorts have a tonne of facilities you simply can’t get on board a boat – things like tennis courts, restaurants, pool, and so on.

High-End Spa and Wellness Resorts

At the end of the spectrum, super high-end resorts do exist, but these are not so common. 

One that instantly springs to mind is the Nihi Resort on the island of Sumba in Indonesia. The fact that one of the World’s best left-hand reef breaks is right out front, and capacity is limited to 12 surfers, this is truly a luxury experience you will never forget. 

These high-end resorts also have things like kitesurfing, foiling, yoga, spa, and wellness treatments as well as the very finest dining you can imagine.

Tailor-Made Surfing Experiences

At Heli, we pride ourselves on keeping our client’s needs at the top of the priority list. 

Our team can put a package together to suit you and your group – so if you don’t see the package you want on our surf trip page, reach out to us directly. 

Some of the options we can put together include the following. 

Personalized Surf Coaching

We work with experienced surf coaches in all locations who will help you one-on-one to improve your skills and help you reach your surfing goals. Whether you’re a beginner looking to catch your first wave or an experienced surfer looking to perfect your tube-riding technique, arrange a personalized coaching session and take your surfing to the next level.

Private Boat Charters

To get you into the waves of your life, the best way is to take a boat right out to the break – whether this is a sleep-aboard yacht or just something to take you a few hundred meters offshore, adding a boat service to your vacation ensure you maximize your surf time, and maximize the fun factor!

Planning Your Trip

When planning your luxury surfing vacation, there are a few things to consider to ensure you have the best experience possible. 

Here are some tips to help you plan your trip.

Best Time to Go

The best time to go on a luxury surfing vacation depends on the location you choose. 

For example, if you’re planning to head to Indonesia, for surfing the best season is generally between April and October – the weather is drier and the waves super consistent. 

That being said, the shoulder seasons in almost all surf destinations can offer up great waves and fewer crowds, so don’t discount these times of the year if your schedule is tight. 

Our team will be able to assist you with this depending on where you’d like to visit. 

Packing Essentials

When packing for your luxury surfing vacation, it’s important to pack the right gear. 

Some essentials include your favorite surfboards, a wetsuit or neoprene top (depending on the water temperature) plenty of sunscreen, a rashguard, and a surf hat. 

We always advise taking spare surf gear like fins, leashes, and wax too – you don’t want to miss out when the waves are firing! 

It’s also a great idea to pack a small first aid kit and any necessary medications. And with that being said, if you’re traveling internationally, make sure to bring a valid passport and any necessary visas.

Final Thoughts

A luxury surfing vacation combines the exhilaration of riding world-class waves with the indulgence of premium amenities and personalized service. Our experienced team is on hand to guide you through the booking procedure for your next trip.  

All you have to do now is decide your travel dates, and get in touch!