You know what’s interesting about mountain biking?

Everyone loves ripping around their local trails, and even taking road trips across state or province lines to explore a bit further, but the notion of actually getting on a plane and traveling the world to mountain bike often seems completely unrealistic.

Why is that?

Maybe it’s the equipment; after all, flying with a big and expensive mountain bike isn’t exactly easy. Or maybe it’s the knowledge; finding your way on foreign trails can seem a little daunting.

Whatever we may tell ourselves, traveling the world to mountain bike is in fact possible, and it’s absolutely life-changing—especially in a place like Oaxaca, Mexico. Allow us to explain.

Our pals at Oaxaca Bike Expeditions have it all figured out. First of all—debunking mountain bike travel myth number 1—they have a massive fleet of top-notch Transition bikes waiting for you (they say it’s the only high-end mountain bike rental fleet in Mexico). But if you insist on flying your rig in, no one’s stopping you.

Secondly—debunking mountain bike travel myth number 2—these guides know the area better than anyone and have all the necessary permits in place to really get out there. They’ll open your eyes to the unbelievable mountain biking scene of southern Mexico, from the moment they pick you up at the airport, to the moment they drop you back off. Across a 6-day expedition, you’ll be taken from trail to trail at your own pace, whether you’re an intermediate, expert, or what they call a step above expert: “legendary.” Two guides, one driver, and a personal photographer make each step of the way the best it can be.

Each day brings its own flavor, thanks to the area’s best restaurants and plenty of Mezcal sprinkled across the expedcation. The agenda even includes a tour of a Mezcaleria where all the magic happens. There are tons of other pit-stops to pick and choose from, as well—like southern Mexico’s biggest archaeological center, biggest tree, and oldest markets. This trip is about more than biking, as it should be.

To keep things fresh and provide a true well-rounded experience, riders spend three nights in the city of Oaxaca and two nights up at a remote mountain lodge—pedaling between the best of both worlds.

So… If you’re getting a little tired of the local trails and now realize that MTB travel is absolutely within reach, let’s go shred mountain bikes and mezcal in Mexico.