While Japan may have gotten off to a slow start this year, the season is looking to explode any minute with up to a meter of snow forecast for the islands. Here are 3 last minute Japan trips you can sign up for right now:

Hokkaido Storm Chaser 6 Day Trip from Japan Ski Tours

The Hokkaido Storm Chaser is a guided off-piste ski road-trip that hits different Hokkaido ski resorts for each of the ski days. The operation is based out of two main hubs – the ski town of Furano and the port-side town of Otaru. Where you go each day isn’t set– it depends on where the weather report is indicating the best pow will be. Japan Ski Tours guides will take you to the best possible in-bounds and lift-accessed side-country powder. Aside from taking guests to the best possible pow, Japan Ski Tours also take you to the best possible food. Japan Ski Tours guides make dinner reservations nightly for our group – the restaurants are chosen for their authenticity, deliciousness, local specialties, and the ability to meet variable price-points. Depending on conditions, you can expect to ski out-of-bounds about 70% of the time. If you’re not into skiing off-piste/out of bounds/side-country, this trip probably isn’t for you.

Le Grande Adventure Tours

Explore the best of Furano & Otaru’s off-piste side/ backcountry areas. Hokkaido is home to some of the most consistent powder snow in the world and legendary deep Japanese cold powder. Everyday Le Grande Adventures leads guests on a guided exploration of the resorts and backcountry that surround the Furano and the Otaru regions. Ski the deep open powder bowls, classic trees of Japan at places such as Furano, Asahidake, Tomamu, Kamui, Kokusai, Tiene and dozens of untouched backcountry areas that guides have been skiing for years.

This trip to Hokkaido involves in depth photography workshops with Alex Strohl, 5 star accommodations, and of course epic Japan guided skiing. Even if you’re not into photography, this trip will be decked out with world class ski photographers who will make you famous. Check out the itinerary for this epic trip, starting March 1st.