Blank Collective Films is an athlete owned production company, meaning the guys who rip in these films also make them. And these guys are not messing around. Featuring the likes of pro skiers Alexi Godbout and Josh Daiek, ‘7 Stages Of Blank’ seeks to explain the shared obsession with all things skiing and snow. Of course, it has it’s fair share of classic ski banter, big airs, road gaps, powder, and wipe outs. We’re looking forward to seeing this one on the big screen.

The 5th annual film from Blank Collective Films features: Stan Rey, Alexi Godbout, Josh Daiek, Mike Douglas, Sam Kuch, Tony Lamiche, Mark Abma, Vinnie Gagnier, Evan McEachran, Barclay Desjardins, Jordy Kidner, Nico Vugnier, Jules Mandin, Andrea Byrne, Phil Langevin, and the Whistler Freeride Club. The world premiere will be held in Whistler on September 28th, followed by release online at SalomonTV on October 22nd.