While the 2021 ski season may be winding down in Alaska, we felt it only right to give you our comprehensive report on the Last Frontier. In this issue, we highlight a trip report from our CEO who recently returned from a stay at Valdez Heli-Ski Guides, as well as our take on the differences between heli-skiing in Alaska vs. British Columbia.

Alaska is not all about skiing though. The natural wilderness in this region is confounding and offers perhaps some of the best fly fishing in the world. As travel restrictions continue to ease this summer, we share with you one of our favorite fishing trips up North.

Here at Heli, we truly love Alaska and believe that you will too.

The Ultimate Showdown: Heli-skiing in Alaska vs. British Columbia

Location is often the first thing you will need to decide upon when choosing a ski trip. So when it comes to choosing between heli-skiing in British Columbia vs Alaska, how can you even begin? They are both so different, yet so close to one another. Rather than bang your head against the wall or throw darts at a map, we’ve gone ahead and we’ve done the hard work for you. Let’s talk about the differences between Alaska and Canada for your next heliskiing trip.

Trip Report: Valdez Heli Ski Guides

Valdez, Alaska

Since we started Heli in 2016, I have been fortunate enough to participate in my fair share of heliskiing trips. As we work with pretty much every heliskiing operation in the world, I have been lucky to visit many, but still have a long way to go before I have experienced them all. With any luck, I’ll have many years to keep checking them off the list.

Fly-Fishing at Talon Lodge

Sitka, Alaska

Enjoy a beautiful trip to the remote Talon Lodge & Spa located in beautiful Sitka, Alaska. Spen your days fishing for many sought-after species such as King Salmon, Cod, and Halibut, and your nights enjoying world-class meals. It is not uncommon to see whales, sea lions, and almost guaranteed to see bald eagles all enjoying the beautiful nature that we all enjoy right outside the doors of our lodge. For those looking for a break from fishing, Talon also offers hiking, ATV adventures, kayaking, and whale watching to satisfy your activity fix!

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