Canada has one of the longest lasting seasons, making it one of the most famous and popular places to heli ski in the entire world. There are hundreds of reasons why heli skiing in Canada is such a popular skier’s bucket list item. The beautiful terrain in the forests mixed with fresh powdery snow that lasts for months – you can see why it would be so popular. The best time to go really depends on you, your budget, and what type of skiing you prefer. Let’s look at the best time for you to create your heli skiing adventure and why this part of the season might be the best fit for you!

Silvertip Lodge & Heli Skiing
Silvertip Lodge & Heli Skiing

Why Canada?

With one of the longest heli skiing seasons in the world, Canada is a hot destination for first time heli skiers and veterans to the sport. The season begins around the start of December and ends in April. If you ask anyone who lives there, they are bound to tell you how long and deep winters in Canada can be. Here’s a quick look at the months from a distance, explaining what you need to know so you can plan a trip that suits you best.

Photo by Brandon Darnton

Early Season (December/January)

If you are looking for the best heli skiing adventure with powder snow, look no further. The beginning of the heli skiing season in Canada starts in December and the storms that roll through the area at this time are massive. These storms (mixed with the freezing temps) will keep the snowpack fresh and powdery. If you’re lucky enough, with no other layers to worry about you can ski the ‘cold smoke’ bottomless powder. On the downside, the days are shorter and there is less snow, so your runs might be shorter due to lack of snow cover.

During this season, you will more than likely be heli skiing down slopes surrounded by trees and wildlife. Therefore, if you’re looking for that big clean slope to ski down – packed with snow – you might want to look into booking your trip a bit later in the season. Don’t let this drive you away, just ask the experts, tree-skiing tends to be the highlight of many trips!

Photo by Andy Culp

Mid-Season (February/ March)

Traditionally speaking, February and March are considered the ‘prime time’ heli skiing months – constant snowfalls and storms, cold temps, and dry powder snow that makes skiing nearly effortless! The days are also much longer and the snow pack is much deeper, making anyone’s experience top-notch. So, what’s the catch? There isn’t one! The only trouble you might have is finding space to book, as this is the most popular time of the season for avid heli-skiers. Demand is at its greatest and prices are definitely at their highest. Many people book up to a year in advance.

As for the skiing, mid-season offers the best of both skiing worlds. When the conditions are looking good, you will have high Alpine heli skiing on your plate as well as incredible tree skiing during inclement weather.

End Season (April):

Surprisingly enough, during the final months of winter, you will still be seeing snow storms and fresh snow in the Canadian mountain ranges of British Columbia. The weather will be a bit more settled and the warmer temperatures mean you will have to stay higher up to experience the best conditions. The end of the season still poses for some heavy heli skiing traffic in the area – Canada always stays busy.

If you are looking to ski above the tree line around a wide range of slopes, then this is the perfect season for you to book your trip. You might luck out and even get to ski the fresh corn snow (spring snow) around the south facing slopes! If not, you still will always have your heli waiting to scoop you up to the northern slopes which will have some incredible powder that is begging to be skied on! At the end of the season, the snowpack is more stable. If you are looking to ski the top steeps – the open high alpine above treeline with soaring views – then this is the best time for you to go.

Silvertip Lodge & Heli Skiing

Canada Heli Ski Price Watch

Our heli skiing trips to Canada will vary in price dramatically depending on the season, but you can grab a great value trip if you are ready to ski at the beginning or end of the season. In fact, heli skiing trips during these times of the season can actually save you a whopping 40% in price compared to booking during the peak of the season. Get prepared now and book your trip to Canada before it’s too late!