There’s a common misconception that having children will end your ski life and keep you trapped indoors changing diapers. This film looks to shatter that myth. Watch as these two dads trek over an intimidating mountain pass called the Kaiser Express to go from one home to the other. We’ll let the filmmakers take it from here:

“The two ski adventurers Hauni and Bernd give us self-deprecating insights on how to reconcile their lives as fathers with their passion for sports. On the one hand, the two contest the impressive ski tour “Kaiser Express”, which leads over two mountains from the front door of one to the other. On the other hand, they show how they perceive their role as a dad: they change diapers, feed the children, make their first turns on skis with them, clean after them – and try to get their own chaos under control.

With a wink they present that compromises and strong nerves as well as a lot of understanding of their partners are necessary. That is why only the two women have their say in the film, while the men let their deeds speak: on their house mountains as well as at home. In the film, every family should find themselves in certain scenes and recognize similar discussions and situations. For one thing is certain: the two adventurers, who are still children in their hearts, do not want to miss a milestone like the first steps of their offspring in addition to their professional passion.”

A film by Johannes Aitzetmüller