Don’t ski under the chairlift. Fly over the chairlift.

Purcell Heli-Skiing is at the cutting edge of affordable heli skiing. Their new helipad at the base of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort means that guests can combine world class resort conditions with even more world class heli skiing, all at a palatable rate.

Even better, Purcell only flies one helicopter a day out of Kicking Horse with a maximum of 6 skiers. What this means for the lucky skiers is simple logistics, private groups, and untracked powder close by.

When Purcell initially launched this package, they struggled with this being a step backwards. It felt like as a business, they should be expanding and putting as many skiers in helicopters as possible. But as you’ll often find in the ski industry, heli skiing is a labor of love. No one hates their job. And the crew from Purcell decided that instead of expanding, they would concentrate on the things they were best at and offer the absolute best experience possible to clients.

This means private groups, private terrain, and a package that makes all round resort and heli ski combinations affordable and fun, as guests stay in 5 star accommodations at the Kicking Horse base with all the luxuries of local restaurants and bars. Other more remote heli ski operators just can’t offer the same amenities. Think of it as heli ski in/ ski out accommodation, with 2000 square kilometers of terrain out the front door.

Take the full heli with a group of 6, or meet some new friends during an epic day in the backcountry. Check pricing and availability through the button below to fly over the chairlift.