Avalanches are a reality in any kind of skiing or snowboarding. For us at Heli, safety is an absolute priority. In this video Travis Rice talks us through how he got caught up in this relatively small avalanche. Even a small avalanche over the wrong kind of terrain can lead to some very dangerous conditions. Watch the video to learn more and then acquaint yourself with avalanche safety training to maximize your fun in the mountains.

Utah Avalanche Center and KBYG set up a course in 5 main parts.

1. Get the gear – Equipment you need to safely travel in avalanche terrain.

2. Get the training – Learn how avalanches work and how you can avoid them

3. Get the forecast – Learn to understand your local avalanche forecast in order to guide decision-making in the backcountry

4. Get the picture – Recognize the clues of what makes something ‘avalanche prone’

5. Get out of harm’s way – Understand the when, where, and why of appropriate safe zones.