There’s no doubt that Jesper Tjäder is at the forefront of rail sliding innovation. The imagination that went into this 3 minute edit from Red Bull is astounding. Each feature is completely unique, and never before seen in the world of freestyle skiing. Keep an eye on this kid and his friends. There’s something in that Swedish water…

From the filmmakers:

New tricks include the Body Slide to Spin Out and obstacles like the Double Handplant to combinations of both, like the 450° onto an eight-kink rail. Every trick took days to plan and execute, with some taking well over 100 attempts to complete including one on a rail that is the highest park rail ever built. Jesper makes the Triple-S to triple-kink rail combo look smooth and effortless, however it is a mind-bendingly difficult combination that took the Östersund native 118 attempts to make. Freeskiing filmmaker Matt Pain added: “What Jesper has done in this edit is light years ahead of the scene. This edit will still be relevant in 10 years time.”

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