Seaba Heli has revolutionized the down day with this epic boat package. Get your crew together for a heli skiing trip unlike any other, and see below for details.

This is no ordinary Heli Ski Trip. We have combined the relaxation and adventure of a small cruise ship, with the experience of heli skiing, and the advantages don’t stop there. The weather and snow conditions are not meeting your requirements? We can move as many as 100 nautical miles while you sleep. Want to explore without burning up all your Hobbs time? We can moor right where you want to be. Looking to unwind after skiing with some comradery? While you and your boatmates enjoying the majesty of Alaska, maybe the local whale comes by to say hello by flapping a fluke, or slapping a tail, it will make itself known. Step outside to catch the northern lights from the hot tub. Many things will go through your mind when you get off the helicopter, a view fit for royalty, yes, an opportunity to pioneer new runs. Most likely you won’t see any signs of human habitation at all, a feeling that can make the spirit soar.

Needless to say, this is an absolutely epic one of a kind heli skiing trip. Click the button below to check out all the details, including rates and dates for up to 8 skiers.