Pukka Travels, located in northern Norway, has added several new ski touring packages that are unlike anything we’ve ever seen. These totally unique offerings are so unusual, they probably deserve their own category. Pukka Travels specializes in authentic Norwegian experiences and is the local expert in all things sailing, skiing, and culture in the region.

Whether you are looking to live on a boat in their sail-to-ski program, stay in a small fishing village and ski from the shoreline, experience dogsledding, snow kiting, or just a classic ski and sauna day, they have you covered and then some. Check out some of these totally out-there experiences.

The Sail to Ski experience in Tromsø, Norway

The sail-to-ski program has been a favorite of Heli employees and guests for years now. Spend 5 days living on and skiing from a catamaran. Leaving the Tromsø harbor, you will sail into the northern fjords of the Lyngen Alps. Once here, you’ll park the boat and take a small inflatable to the shore. You’ll be able to access some spectacular peaks and backcountry skiing zones that can only be reached by boat.

You and 5 other friends can rent the boat privately for a truly custom experience, where you and the guide will decide where to ski each day. You’ll catch fish right off the side of the boat and cook it up for dinner. It’s an incredible way to experience the coastline of Norway, and its quaint fishing villages, and maybe hit a sauna or two along the way.

The new Sea to Ski program in Lofoten

Explore the Lofoten Islands via a Zodiac or minibus. The guide will choose each day if your approach will be by road or by sea, depending on the conditions. You’ll stay in a cozy fisherman’s cabin with access to a sauna and meals included. The package is designed for experienced skiers and split boarders.

This is more of a land-based approach to ski touring in Norway, but you’ll be able to access a variety of terrain via the RIB or bus. You’ll meet other groups who are also staying at the lodging, which has a real backcountry scene going. They also offer single-day options, if you are planning a larger Norway trip and just want this to be part of the focus. As a result, there are lots of skiers hanging around the base camp, which makes for a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

Access your backcountry skiing route via a dog sled.

With the Mountain Camp ski touring and dog sledding experience (yes, you read that correctly), you’ll be staying in remote Arctic mountains in traditional tents. The mountain camp is located in the Narvik region and is the perfect spot for starting ski tours or dog sled outings. Each morning, you’ll choose to either ski routes near the camp, take a dogsled ride, or utilize the dogsleds as a mode of transfer. For the peaks further away, the huskies are ready to race through the vast snow-covered landscape. As the canine saying goes: “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” You can access lines on mountains not easily accessible without the dogs to elevate your skiing adventure even further. 

Each night, you’ll gather for food and drinks in the large traditional Sami tent, reading a book or swapping stories. Each guest will have a small goahti (smaller tent) for sleeping. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is unlike anything we have seen offered in the world. You’ll be worlds away from your daily life, totally unplugged, and living in a way where the small group and skiing are your only focus.

Learn how to snow kite near Tromsø

Snowboarders, skiers, and even kiters who are looking for a new challenge should seriously consider the snow kite experience with Pukka Travels. With wide open snow fields, very few trees, and consistent winds from the ocean, Norway is a terrific spot for learning this unconventional sport.

Pukka Travels offers beginner snow kite lessons near their base camp in Tromsø, making it the perfect addition to a stay in the area. You can combine this with some of their other adventures, including northern lights tours, reindeer experiences, whale watching, and more. We suggest several days to get the hang of things and to be snowkiting on your own.