Made in classic Travis Rice style, this film follows Travis and Chris Rasman in Alaska’s Tordrillo range in the aftermath of a storm that dumped 5 feet of fresh snow blown all over by accompanying 100 mile an hour winds. Travis and Chris spend their days looking for where the stash (the truffle) ended up. From the makers:

“This lead to long days of searching and even longer nights in the lodge, sipping exotic wines and contemplating fate or at least thinking about where, oh where, those pockets of good snow might be hiding. By the end of it, Travis and Chris started to feel like truffle pigs — animals known for their acute ability to find rare objects or situations. You know, like geographical oddities and good snow. In other words, they nailed it.”

If this film doesn’t make you want to go to Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, nothing will. We have a couple seats open for the 2019 season. Click the button below for the details.