Just another reason not to take a chairlift! Last week the Chilean ski resort Nevados de Chillan experienced an unexpected volcanic eruption at it’s thankfully off limits peak! Chilean director Gonzalo Llamas Sebesta was on the lift at the time, and managed to record this video of the incident.

The resort had this to say about the incident, translated from Spanish.

“Our volcano has been appreciated by everyone ?. For centuries we have lived with him and his pulses have shown how great he is. Remember that you are on yellow alert for the ONEMI [Chile’s natural disaster organization] and we have all the security measures in case of an emergency. Get informed in official media, respect the staff of the center and do not enter unsuitable places.”

The resort’s peak is one of 6 Chilean volcanoes currently on “yellow alert”, meaning to be prepared and cautious, but with no imminent threat of massive eruption. Many of the world’s best ski resorts are located on active volcanoes, so it was only a matter of time before one of them erupted! Let’s just hope it can be as relatively calm an eruption as this next time it happens.