The Indian Ocean is slowly beginning to pulse as we move into the early surf season. This time of year is a great opportunity for beginners and intermediate surfers to enjoy uncrowded and manageable waves throughout the Mentawais Archipelago. We have put together three exclusive last minute surf trips all being offered at discounted rates.

Maki Surf Charter Yacht


**36% off full price (USD 3300) is 2100 per person for full trip.

Step onboard 105ft of classic luxury! This yacht is one of the flashiest vessels chartering the Mentawai archipelago. Operated by seasoned guides and crew you are bound to find yourself in the most exquisite locations surfing uncrowded waves from dawn until dusk.

Perfectly suited for friends and family, this trip has 8 remaining spots available in private en-suite berths. The vessel has been kitted with all the imaginable amenities; SUPs, kayaks, fishing gear, spearfishing gear as well as a jet ski and even a massage chair.

Your chef will serve meals fit for a king, catering for the health conscious too. Smoothie bowls for breakfast, fresh seafood, an unlimited supply of coconuts and the list continues. White sand beaches, palm fringed shorelines, crystal clear waters, perfect waves and untouched coral reefs. Experience the Mentawais islands in ultimate luxury.

Kingfisher Resort


Kingfisher Resort Mentawais is strategically positioned in front of a incredibly fun and consistent left hand point break named Lances Left. With two speedboats on standby and available for guests, access to world-renowned Lances Right is only a 10 minute ride away as well as other breach and reef breaks in the area. Whatever direction the wind or swell, there is always sizeable offshore waves to be had.

The resorts’ private en-suite bungalows all have AC and ocean views making it an absolute haven for an island getaway. Make use of the resorts amenities such as SUPs, snorkelling, spearfishing and fishing gear when you get tired of surfing, or take a scooter and explore the islands villages and white sand beaches.

Sola Gracia Surf Charter Yacht

35,000 AUD PRIVATE CHARTER – 03 – 14 APRIL 2020

Sola Gracia, an impeccably built luxurious surf charter yacht offers speed, stability, unparalleled comfort and smooth sailing. Configured to provide the finest live aboard surf experience. Built with large windows throughout the vessel, it offers spectacular views from all angles in the living and dining areas. Join this sought after surf charter yacht for a unique private trip starting in Jakarta thereafter making its way through the Panitian Islands and South Sumatra before eventually reaching the Southern Mentawais. Expect endless amounts of fun, perfect waves and a lifetime memories!