Conditions were all time for Heli CEO Andy Culp (aka Mister Heli) last week on his private friends and family trip to Silvertip Lodge & Heli Skiing in British Columbia. Andy put the new GoPro MAX to work and edited together this highlight reel of the best lines from the trip! See below for a word from Andy.

“I’ve been on a lot of heliskiing trips, but this one was special. The conditions were the best imaginable with totally untouched and bottomless, blower pow that was a damn dream to blast through. My favorite kind of skiing is tree skiing and there is more than you could ever hope to ski at Silvertip. As this was a private trip with many first time heliskiers, the combination of Mother Nature’s blessings and Silvertip’s program provided an optimal setting to share my love of backcountry skiing with my friends. Dying for more.”

Book now through the button below for Silvertip next year, or get in touch for some potential last minute deals while conditions are firing in BC.