Morocco, a North African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea has all the key elements that make it an incredible surf destination.

The coastline faces North West and it’s most famous surf region being Taghazout is an old fishing village that has over the years become extremely popular amongst surfers due to its iconic wave called Anchor Point.

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The fishing village is back dropped by the Atlas Mountains where the desert and Atlantic Ocean meet, it lies north of the city of Agadir and all the surf breaks in the area are easily accessible by road.

Taghazout offers all kinds of waves from gentle beginner waves to heavy reef breaks for the more advanced surfer.

Anchor point is a world class surf break providing an endless succession of right hand speed walls and green rooms. The wave works best on a medium to large North West swell. A north wind predominantly funnels in and perfects the line-up, but most of the surf spots are sheltered by a cape. The winter land temperatures are balmy, the scenery beautiful and the living is cheap. Cafes and surf shops line the main road and you will find lush palms lining gorges and waterfalls.

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The swells are generally consistent throughout the year making it possible for beginner surfers to surf year round. October brings bigger swells and attracts the stronger and more advanced surfer. Every season in Morocco has its own characteristics, nevertheless the winter season is ideal for the more experienced surfer whereas the summer season is better for the novice.

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Here’s the breakdown:

From March to June
High season comes to an end, the swells drop and surf becomes smaller. The temperatures also increase, this is a fantastic time of the year for the intermediate surfer! If you are a beginner you will still find enough waves to learn how to surf.

From June to September
Beachgoers flock down to the beach to soak up the sun. Few surfers can be found. It becomes rather difficult to find good waves for the intermediate surfer during this time of year. If there is any spot that might produce waves it would be Anza or Tamri. The temperatures have the ability to rise during this time of the year, but due to a sea fog that hangs in the summer the temperatures seem to remain pleasant.

From September to November
The surf season starts again and the surfers come back. As the year progresses, the chance to score a big swell increases.

From November to March
The waves continuously roll in and you’ll find pros in the line-up. Monster swell can be expected and plenty of hype in the air. Nevertheless, there are still a number of spots for beginners to up their game.

Overall, the best swells and winds are from mid-September to mid-April. During the rest of the year strong North West winds blow in most spots.