Here at Heli, we talk a lot about chasing adrenaline and pushing your physical limits—whether it’s in the mountains, the ocean, or somewhere in between. Why? Because these types of adventures make us feel truly alive.

But there’s another category of adventure that’s equally as important—a category that keeps us alive—and that is wellness. Below, you’ll find a handful of awe-inspiring trips all over the world built to give your mind, body, and soul exactly what they need. Question is: Which one will you pick first?

Sailing, Cooking, and Wine Tasting in Croatia

In a little place called Brac Island, off the coast of southern Croatia, the trip of a lifetime is waiting, thanks to our friends at Nomad Inc. Enjoy your mornings meditating and practicing yoga. Spend your days sailing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, biking, or doing absolutely nothing because there’s nothing wrong with that. And cap it all off with wine tastings, cooking classes, and of course, enjoying the meals from the expert on-site chefs.

Meditating, Yoga, and Hiking in Peru

You can travel the entire world for years and years, and you may never find a place as spiritual as Peru. And within this life-changing country, Samana Legacy Adventures provides an unrivaled time for you and yours. This 12-day experience is built to elevate mental, spiritual, and physical health through daily yoga and meditation, along with an amazing list of historical and scenic visits—from the well-known Machu Pichu hike, to the lesser-known local secrets.

Exploring, Wining, and Dining in Tanzania

Wellness comes in different forms for everyone. And for many of us, connecting with the world’s wildest creatures does just the trick. Enter an East African Safari with the good people from Singita. They’ll whisk you across 350,000 acres of protected Tanzanian land in luxury, introducing you (safely) to the elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, and more. A series of high-end lodges and camps combine to offer unbeatable accommodations, as well, giving you the perfect balance of living wild and resting comfortably.

Resting, Relaxing, and Resetting in Turks and Caicos

If you’re in search of a trip with no agenda and all the luxury, you’re in luck with this astonishing Turks and Caicos villa. This place has it all: 7 bedrooms, 2 pools, a hot tub, private tennis and bocce ball courts, a villa butler, and last but not least, a picture-perfect beachfront all to yourself. With every moment spent in this villa, you’ll feel more and more on top of the world.

Kitesurfing, Yoga, and Bonding in Egypt

This one is for the ladies: a life-changing kitesurfing trip around Egypt with yoga at every tip and turn of the yacht. Yes, yacht. Trip-goers hop aboard and float around the Red Sea in search of the perfect combination of action and relaxation. Fresh and healthy meals are served all day, every day, and each night is capped with drinks, all in the name of camaraderie for the ladies.