Jevon Zyp, Founder and Partner of Skeena Cat Skiing provided us with the inside scoop on Cat Skiing in British Columbia and all the knowledge of Skeena Cat Skiing. Planning a trip to B.C for some Cat Skiing? Be sure you read through Jevon’s beta below.

Cat Skiing Promise Land: The Only Operation in Northern B.C.

Tents under the Aurora Borealis in the snowy landscape of British Columbia

Jevon, tell us a bit about Skeena Cat Skiing and the location of the operation.

British Columbia is renowned as the cat skiing mecca of the world, and Skeena Cat Skiing and Boarding is the only Northern BC operation. We operate from a backcountry base camp located at the tree line. We have one of the largest and most skiable tenures in the province, with big expansion plans!
Skeena’s ski tenure is located 80km directly north of Smithers, BC, and approximately 200km from the Alaskan panhandle border. Local loggers and powderhounds have long known this area as a crazy snow belt.

Who are you and how did you get involved?

I am Jevon Zyp, Founder and Partner of Skeena Cat Skiing and Boarding. I was born and raised in the Monashee Mountains; my love for snow sports and heavy equipment led me to the path of helping to start three of BC’s biggest cat ski operations. I moved North with a dream of starting my own, and Skeena Cat Skiing was born in 2011.

What does Skeena Cat Skiing specialize in?

We specialize in Cat Skiing, but we are more than just cat skiing; we offer an immersive outdoor wilderness adventure. Our unique basecamp is nestled in the trees, where guests stay in heated tents and are treated to chef-prepared gourmet meals. Going to sleep under the stars and waking up to the snowy mountains is an experience like no other.

When is the best time to ski with Skeena?

The best snow conditions are between January and March when our season runs. But keep an eye out for dates opening in December or April because if the weather is good, we can have some epic days.

Snowboarder slashing through powder snow

What do you enjoy most about running your operation?

I have a passion for heaving machinery, and running this operation allows me to work with machines in our vast tenure, finding the best areas for the most exciting vertical runs. I love to see how stoked our guests are when I take them on fresh tracks . I really enjoy the hunt for finding the best areas to ski and creating the ultimate experience for guests that I would want.

What is your favorite story from one of your trips?

I can’t think of just one; my favorite thing really is every time I see a newcomer experience the epic snow at Skeena for the first time, it’s like nothing they’ve ever skied on, and I just live for their reactions.

Women dressed in ski gear exiting tent in snowy landscape

We’d love to get more information about what makes your operation and location unique.

We have elevated the experience these past few seasons by improving our basecamp. We added brand new lodging tents, a new additional hot tub, and bigger showers. All the amenities we added, combined with the feeling of being in the fresh mountain air, really creates a magical experience that you will not find anywhere else.
Our climate is also special as it’s where the warm, moist Pacific air collides with the cold, dry air from the interior creating huge dumps of perfect powder snow. The local mountains further enhance the accumulation. If it’s snowing anywhere in BC, it’s most likely snowing at Skeena Cat Skiing!