We see a lot of videos that are specific to one sport or activity out there. And they’re all great.

But when you see a video like this, from the Dirty Habits crew, it stops you dead in your tracks. Why? Because it has everything.

Mountain biking, dirt biking, wing-suiting, sky-diving, surfing, kiteboarding, partying, pranking. We mean everything.

For this rag-tag crew of adventure enthusiasts, the pandemic presented a tough challenge: finding ways to do what they love safely and ambitiously, at the same time. But clearly, they made it work.

In their words:

“We have chosen a path that few people take.

We refuse to conform. To be tamed.

As the pandemic put our freedom on hold, we had a chance to reflect.

How would you spend your last days?”

– Dirty Habits crew

If this doesn’t make you want to plan the adventure of a lifetime, we’re not sure what will. So hit the button below, and let’s make something happen.