Every travel destination has its hidden gems. In some cases, it’s a lavish lounge designated for the VIPs. In other cases, it’s a one-of-a-kind cocktail guests rave over, year after year. Sometimes, it’s just a beloved dog on the property that everyone absolutely loves.

At Silvertip Lodge, in Western British Columbia, there are many hidden gems waiting. But “The Plunge” might be the most classic of ’em all.

Exhibit A: This video from team Heli, filmed back in 2020.

While skiing and riding deep, British Columbian powder is priority number one at Silvertip, “The Plunge” is an absolute rite of passage for all guests. There’s no feeling quite like it; immersing yourself in freezing-cold water, scurrying back up to the lodge, then embracing the warmth of the sauna, steam room, and hot tub.

Heli Co-Founder, Andy Culp, in Plunge Mode
Team Heli & Co. sharing a post-powder plunge together.

Ready to experience all this British Columbian glory—the powder, the plunge, and everything in between—for yourself? Take a look at available Silvertip trips, below.