The unique history of Spain has helped create a vibrant modern-day mountain bike scene. For thousands of years, farmers moved livestock from valley farms to graze in the Pyrenees Mountains for the summer. This movement created hundreds of incredible trails, now rediscovered and uplifted by local mountain bikers.

The trails crisscross over million-year-old sea beds, across wine-rich regions, through abandoned middle-age villages, and along rocky foothills, before meeting the rugged Pyrenees – the natural border between Spain and France. The terrain offers up the perfect ingredients for an awe-inspiring mountain bike trip. Heli-drops, shuttle runs and technical singletrack riding in the heart of the Pyrenees is topped off with mouth-watering Spanish cuisine (‘tapas’ included), local wine pairings and fascinating, rich cultural experiences. Descend 4,000 vertical meters in one day, pedal by 1,000-year-old castles and take countless photographs – the memories you’ll create on this ride with not be forgotten.