Utah is a mountain biker’s paradise. On the most extreme side, it’s home to some of the world’s most impressive riding. Just look at Redbull Rampage, the annual showdown where pros descend unfathomable lines for a chance at big cash and bragging rights. Or the endless video parts filmed across the endless challenging terrain.

But it’s not all massive cliff drops and video parts. Utah has a vast landscape full of well-thought-out trail networks fit for every rider—from first-timers looking to start pedaling, to experienced rippers ready to push their limits.

Here at Heli, we’re fortunate to work with operators who offer the very best mountain bike experiences in all of Utah. So we’ve broken down their trip offerings, below, to help you find your dream trip with ease.

Sacred Rides

Since 2007, Sacred Rides has brought adventure-seeking bikers around the world to experience the best of life on two wheels. Rated #1 mountain bike tour company on Earth by National Geographic Adventure, you know you’re in good hands with these folks.

Their trips span from Thailand to Switzerland to Costa Rica and beyond, but Utah always remains one of the top destinations for this globally-renowned operator. You can explore all of their trips here, or see two of their best Utah trips, below.

Trip Feature: Sinners and Saints

This trip has the best of both worlds. You fly into the one and only Las Vegas to get dialed for your trip (maybe you fly in a day early for some extra fun?) and from there cross over the Utah border for 6 days and 5 nights of legendary riding. The personalized 4-to-1 guest-to-guide ratio is unmatched, helping you navigate the endless trails like a local. And the service from start to finish—food, drink, accommodations, and transportation are all covered—allowing you to focus on riding and having fun.

Trip Feature: Ultimate Moab

Moab is arguably the mountain bike capital of Utah, and this trip with Sacred Rides is all about experiencing this capital to the fullest. Spend 6 nights in downtown Moab, enjoying the city’s best food, drink, and cultural sights, and pedal for 5 days across the vast trail networks, exploring endlessly. Just like the Sinners and Saints trip listed above, this trip features a 4-to-1 guest-to-guide ratio, so you’ll get an intimate look at the area through a guide’s expert lens.

Ride The Earth

Another one of our favorite mountain bike operators is Ride The Earth. What they do is right in their name: offer incredible bike trips around Planet Earth—from Japan, to Peru, all the way to, you guessed it, Utah. Ride The Earth’s guides know the Utah bike scene as well as anyone, and their diversity of trip offerings mean there’s something for everyone. Below, we’ve featured two of the very best trips, but you can explore them all here.

Women’s Desert Getaway

This one is for all you ripping ladies out there. Spend 6 days and 5 nights exploring Utah’s famous terrain—with food, drink, accommodations, and transportation all included. Not to mention, three yoga classes, a SUP session, a National Park hike, and a bike-building pizza party are included in the package, as well. Talk about action-packed. And not only is this a fun opportunity to get out with your current friends; it’s a way to meet new ones and build new riding camaraderie.

Desert Southwest Singletrack Utah

This trip is the big Kahuna of them all—a trip that packs in as much singletrack riding across Southern Utah as possible and pushes your riding to new heights. Ride The Earth’s impressive guides will take you to the world-famous Slickrock Trail, the heart-pumping Porcupine Rim Trail, and beyond—ending each night in a luxury tiny home with jaw-dropping mesa views. And it’s all capped off with a hike in Zion National Park for good measure.