It’s no secret that surfing in Costa Rica is absolutely phenomenal. You’ve seen it in the movies. You’ve seen it on the ‘Gram. You’ve dreamed about it. You’ve talked about it. But do you know the best time to go surfing in Costa Rica? Or the best surf locations in Costa Rica?

If your answer is “yes” feel free to get right to it and book your trip right here. But if you’re looking for a little guidance, you’ve come to the right place.

Best time to surf Costa Rica:

The good news: Anytime is a good time to surf in Costa Rica. But to dig into it a bit deeper, let’s think of the scene through two different seasons: Wet Season and Dry Season.

Wet Season runs from May-November and is generally considered peak surfing season for experts. The waves are typically bigger, particularly when hurricane storms roll through. This is especially true on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, while the Caribbean side is usually more tame.

Meanwhile, Dry Season runs from December through March. While the waves aren’t historically as big this time of year, the weather is often more reliable and you can find consistent waves just about anywhere. This is the best time to go for beginner and intermediate surfers who are just looking to build their skills—not chase the biggest swells. Not to mention, a winter escape to Costa Rica is just plain good for the soul.

Surf Trips in Costa Rica:

We’re fortunate to work alongside a series of world-renowned surfing operations in Costa Rica. To help you find the perfect match, we’ve listed these operators for you below, and encourage you to explore each of their unique offerings.

Kalon Surf

Located in Costa Rica’s Southern region, Kalon is a full-service resort with ocean view rooms, pilates, massages, farm-to-table organic meals, and of course, top-notch surfing. You’ll return home with improved surf skills and some well deserved R&R, guaranteed.

Rise Up Surf Retreats

It’s all in the name. Rise Up Surf Retreats works to provide its guests with a true retreat experience—focused around wellness, sustainability, and perfect waves. The remote, jungle location feels like a different planet and we don’t mind that one bit.

Surf Expedition

With trips currently available across two unique packages, every surfer can find something with Surf Expedition. The Learn To Surf trip helps newcomers get started, while the Surf Camp caters toward intermediates and experts looking to grow their skillset. Oh, and the resort itself is a spectacular, jungle paradise.

Safari Surf School

Offering some of the more affordable surf trips in Costa Rica is Safari Surf School. The Backpackers’ Surf Retreat Special, for example, is only about $235/day all in, while more plussed-up packages like the Women’s Surf Retreat come in around $370/day. That’s a stellar price for some of the world’s best surfing, and service.

Barefoot Surf Travel

Rounding out our list is none other than Barefoot Surf Travel. This is yet another fantastic option that teaches beginners and experts alike how to improve their surfing skills in Costa Rica. This operation is a little less remote than some of the others—meaning you can walk to cafes and restaurants more easily, for those who want to get out and about a bit more.