We’ve scoured the internet for the best ski jokes out there, plus a few from our own quiver. For that, we apologize.


Q: How do snowboarders introduce themselves?

A: “Sorry dude”


Q: How many telemark skiers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: Two. One to turn the build while the other says “nice turns brah!”


Q: How do you get a snowboarder off your porch?
A: Pay him for the pizza.


Q: What do skiers get from sitting on the snow too long?
A: Polaroids


Q: How do you know when a ski instructor walks into the room?
A: Don’t worry, he’ll tell you.


Q: “You know what Telemarking means in Norwegian?
A: Wait for me!”


Q: What did the tele skier say when he ran out of weed?
A: “Dude, these bindings suck!”


Q: What’s the difference between a ski instructor and a mutual fund?
A: Eventually the fund will mature and make a little money!


Q: What do you call a ski bum who has broken up with his girlfriend?
A: Homeless!


Q: Why are mountains so funny?
A: Because they’re hill areas.


Daughter: “Dad, why is my sister called Summer?”
Dad: “Because your mother loves the summer.”
Daughter: “Thanks, dad. I love you.”
Dad: “I love you too, Fresh Pow.”


As you might have guessed, a lot of shots taken at telemarkers and snowboarders! Got any better skiing jokes? Leave them in the comments below!