Back in 2016, French kiteboarder Isabelle Fabre was riding off the coast of Western Australia while her boyfriend Cyril filmed from above with a drone. The wind wasn’t great, but Isabelle decided to head out anyway. After a few minutes, Cyril spotted something terrifying through the drone feed – a monster great white! Fortunately, he was in shouting distance of Isabelle and warned her as the shark circled. Here’s what Isabelle said about the incident:

“I was kitesurfing when I saw a BIG shadow around me. I realized that it was a great white shark, so big! I was trying to escape, but the wind was so light. This big shark was following me and each time I fell in the water, I was sure it was the end for me.”

Part of the reason we love kiteboarding is all the cool stuff you see out on the water. There’s always a chance that you’ll encounter a white shark, or any shark for that matter, but rarely is it captured on film. Anybody else have a close encounter like Isabelle’s? Leave your story in the comments below.

Credit: ViralHog