Wake up to the bell and give a quick check to the ‘gram,
roll downstairs and stretch it out with the fam.

Forty centimeters overnight so it’s gonna be lit,
should I rock the Flylow or Backcountry kit?

Uncle Dale drops some knowledge and delivers his views,
everything’s open so it’s ours to choose.

Gearin’ up in the shack and bumpin’ some tunes,
let’s fucking go, buckle your boots!

Everybody ready, we get in the bird,
the pilot lifts once given the word.

Thanks for the ride, we’ll see ya soon,
have a safe flight and enjoy the views.

Skis on now and it’s shred time,
I’m pretty sure we’ll smash this line.

Oh, she’s deep, definitely more than expected,
we’ll probably see a few double ejections.

Lost in these moments, we’re at the center,
feeling the flow of what we were meant to.

Deep in the trees with nobody around,
this is the best drug I’ve ever found.

Words by @misterheli

Photos by @photo.by.brando