When most of our clients think about heliskiing, it’s usually in British Columbia or Alaska. But have you considered some of the epic opportunities available in the spring of 2021 with Heliski Russia in Kamchatka?

Guests of Heliski Russia will experience the awesome beauty of the Kamchatka landscape. Think Alaska 300 years ago. Heliski Russia hosts up to 12 people per week, transporting guests to ski over 15,000 km² each morning with the incredibly trustworthy MI-8 helicopter.

Kamchatka is a land of extremes. This volcanic peninsula on the western edge of Siberia, between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk, is part of the “Ring of Fire”. Off-limits as a military zone for many years, Kamchatka was opened up to tourists in 1992. In this otherworldly place you will find a truly unspoiled wilderness whose exceptional qualities were recognized by UNESCO in 1996 when the area was added to the list of World Heritage sites. The area’s human population is very small (0.7 people per km2) but it is home to a rich and varied fauna – you may even get to see its famous brown bears.

For heli skiers, this is one of the world’s must-visit destinations. Its location on the edge of the Pacific Ocean means it has abundant, high-quality snow and the scenery is truly spectacular. You will ski from the tops of volcanoes (including the giants: Mutnovsky, 2322 m, and Vilyuchinsk, 2173 m) down to fjords every day.