Much like love, skiing is a truly international language. No matter your nationality or heritage, if you enjoy sliding on snow, chances are you’ll get along with others who do. So, here’s how to say skiing around the world. We hope it helps you find others that like to play in the snow:


English: Skiing


French: Ski


Dutch: Skiën


German: Skifahren


Norwegian: Stå på ski


Japanese: スキー (pronounced “suki”)


Korean: 스키 타기 (pronounced “seuki tagi”)


Spanish: Esquiar


Swedish: Skidåkning


Finnish: Hiihto


Greek: Chionodrómia


Russian: Горнолыжный спорт (pronounced “Gornolyzhnyy sport”)


Uzbek: Tosh


Nepali: स्कीइङ (pronounced “Skī’iṅa”)


Zulu: Ukushushuluza

So there you have it! 15 ways to say skiing all around the world. We admit that some of these translations may be more useful than others, but now you’re well prepared to talk about the sport you love with just about anyone. So, go forth and spread the good word of skiing, like this time when we skinned the Fjords of Norway. And while you’re at it, use our platform to find your next international ski trip.