How much should you tip a skiing guide? If you’re googling this in a hurry – the answer is whatever you think is appropriate.

But when you’re traveling all over the world, it’s hard to get to know a place from a topographical map. Some of the best days you’re going to have are with a guide, who lives and breathes whatever mountain, surf break, wind pattern, or open plain you’re exploring that day. These people work hard to be good at what they do, and more importantly to keep you safe in an environment that might be unfamiliar or pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone.

It’s not always easy to determine what to tip a skiing guide. Depending on the guide and the client, some tips can be up to 20% and beyond for exceptional service.

A couple things to consider:

  • Bedside manner – was your guide friendly and helpful?
  • Safety – did your guide run a short but informative safety briefing?
  • Education – did you learn anything about skiing, the local culture, geology or avalanche conditions?
  • Stoke – did your guide get you and your group involved and excited?

Most people who dedicate their lives to being skiing guides are generally going to have their priorities in the right place and be psyched about what they do. In fact, we’ve never met one we didn’t love. So keep your tips up and show them how you feel!


Heli Ambassador & Editor